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The Top 10 Most Profitable Franchises In The US

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the franchise business model is an attractive opportunity with great potential and many upsides. At the very least, if your franchise attempt doesn’t succeed as well as one would hope, at least you earned valuable real-life experience. At best, you have a good business on your hands, which can eventually be managed as a passive income stream to finance your other efforts.
Franchises are like a DIY kit for becoming self-employed. You get to license a proven business model and brand, then run your own storefront within its corporate structure. It’s the best of both worlds since you can be your own boss and still benefit from the tailwind of a major multinational corporation behind you.

Here is our list of top franchise opportunities in the US. These are all well-established brands with proven track records.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating

Franchise fee: $8.7K

Average initial investment: $42K / $535K

There will always be a need for home maintenance. With low start-up costs, this widely recognized brand promises a steady, stable income stream with low risks, provided the franchisee has a location that hits the sweet spot between sustainable population and minimal competition. A rock-steady business for practical-minded entrepreneurs who like an efficient, no-hassle business.

Pearle Vision

Franchise fee: $30K

Average initial investment: $390K / $620K

Widely marketed, Pearle Vision centers offer the prestige of a white-collar profession without the higher risks of full medical industry. Employ a staff of good optometrists and pick an area with a reasonable customer base, and you can pull in average revenue of $1.2M  per year, mostly through retail sales.

Massage Envy

Franchise fee: $45K

Average initial investment: $434K / $1M

A great business for creative entrepreneurs who like to create an ambient experience for their customers, this business is a future-proof industry with an innovative membership plan to keep repeat business rolling in. Establish an upscale customer base that appreciates being pampered, and you can join this franchise’s 99% individual location success rate.

Krispy Kreme

Franchise fee: $25K

Average initial investment: $275K / $1.9M

What can you say, except “Americans love their donuts”? With massive, international brand recognition, you’ll be enjoying the aroma of pumpkin-spiced lattes along with an average of $2.2 million in revenue annually. This company has a fun corporate culture with a long-standing reputation approaching its 100th anniversary.

Kumon Math & Reading Centers

Franchise fee: $1K

Average initial investment: $73K / $154K

If you have a love of children and a desire to improve the world by nurturing young minds, this is a rewarding opportunity. The attractively low start-up costs plus an outstanding support and training package makes this an easy way to realize your dreams in shaping the next generation. Entrepreneur magazine has ranked Kumon as the #1 educational franchise for more than a decade.


Franchise fee: $12K / $28K

Average initial investment: $40K / $230K

With over 7000 franchise locations worldwide, RE/MAX is a global network of over 100K real estate agents operating in over 100 countries. A generous commission split and maximum freedom to make your own decisions make this a great opportunity for the rugged individual who wants to call most of the shots.

Ace Hardware Corporation

Franchise fee: $5K

Average initial investment: $272K / $1.5M

This internationally recognized brand has collective quarterly revenues reaching $1.32 billion in recent years, making it the world’s largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative. Ace Hardware is a solid business establishment founded in 1924, trusted by generations of homeowners. Great for DIY enthusiasts who want to empower other people to get stuff done.

The UPS Store

Franchise fee: $10K / $29K

Average initial investment: $138K / $470K

Modern commerce involves more people shipping more products than ever before. A recession-proof industry with a stable and predictable revenue stream, a UPS Store is a great way to meet and work with other entrepreneurs since your business model supports theirs. Offering printing services as well as shipping, this franchise opportunity is perfect for the high-tech enthusiast.


Franchise fee: $10K / $100K

Average initial investment: $37K / $1.2M

Perhaps one of the most recognized commercial brands in all the world, 7-Eleven was ranked #1 on Entrepreneur magazine’s Top 500 franchise list. The convenience store chain is a familiar sight worldwide, and yet has plenty of room to expand. For the skilled entrepreneur with a well-chosen location, this is a low-cost entry into a thriving business model.


Franchise fee: $45K

Average initial investment: $1M / $2.2M

If you’re going into a franchise business, why not start at the top? McDonald’s worldwide revenue has remained above $20 billion annually for more than a decade, operating from over 30K locations. Generations of patrons favor the restaurant chain with its saturated marketing and continuous innovations to keep pace with modern demand. If you want branding support, you can’t beat Ronald McDonald.

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