There is no mistake, technology is the most exciting business industry today. Worldwide adoption and dependence upon information technology have made the majority of world-class billionaires on any list. With a mobile phone in every pocket and new innovations happening almost faster than the news can report them, the market for technology businesses seems like it will never stop growing.

Many a fortune has been made in this field, and a technology franchise could be one of the easiest tickets to securing one, considering the lower initial investment costs compared to other industries. If you’re an entrepreneur with a balance of geeky tech enthusiasm and business savvy, one of these opportunities just might be a tailor-made path to success.


Franchise fee: $40K

Average start-up costs: $60K / $220K

Founded in 2009 and based out of Orlando, Florida, uBreakiFix boasts over 500 locations in the US. They’re a walk-in or mail-in mobile repair service for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles. With OEM backing from Google making this business the exclusive repair shop for the Pixel and Pixel XL, it can count on a steady revenue stream.

CPR-Cell Phone Repair

Franchise fee: $45K

Average start-up costs: $58K / $176K

This mobile repair company was founded in 2004 out of Independence, Ohio, and boasts a training program of 24 hours in-class and 400 hours on-the-job. They support mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles, on a drop-off or mail-in basis. Besides their main business offering of tech support, they also retail devices and accessories on the side.


Franchise fee: $25K / $35K

Average start-up costs: $127K / $173K

CMIT Solutions started out in 1998 as an in-home computer repair service for end-point consumers based in Austin Texas. They have long since shifted to small and medium-size business IT support. Services include support for telecommunications and mobile devices, data recovery and back-up, cloud computing support, and remote monitoring and maintenance. A low franchise fee and over 80 hours of classroom training make this a practical investment.


Franchise fee: $49.5K

Average start-up costs: $144K / $316K

A West Palm Beach, Florida, company founded in 2009, Experimax is an Apple product store that offers repairs for Apple equipment as well as buying, selling, or trading pre-owned Apple devices. Being a specialized business, repairs are typically done walk-in and in-store. They have the enduring brand name of Apple ensuring a reliable customer base.

TeamLogic IT

Franchise fee: $40K

Average start-up costs: $94K / $137K

Since 2004, TeamLogicIT in Missiona Viejo, California, has provided IT support for businesses of all sizes. With just over 100 franchises licensed, the company focuses on basic IT needs like field service, monitoring and maintenance, network management, and data backup and recovery. With a low start-up investment and fundamental training, this company is a right-size opportunity for those with some IT experience seeking to strike out on their own.


Wireless Zone

Franchise fee: $1K / $25K

Average start-up costs: $142K / $328K

With a name that suggests a retail storefront similar to the old Radio Shack model, Wireless Zone is a well-established tech sales and support business with over 330 locations. The Rocky Hill, Connecticut company started as a car phone sales and support company in 1988, and has since rebranded as the largest independent cellular agent in the country.

Code Ninjas

Franchise fee: $29K

Average start-up costs: $118K / $387K

For a refreshingly different approach to tech franchising, Code Ninjas is a franchised career training school for kids. Building on the demand for STEM education, their proprietary training program teaches kids to code while creating video games. The company offers a training and support package that ensures you need no technology experience to start. Who knows, you might end up with the next Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, or Mark Zuckerberg in your classroom.